Viva Aruba!

Scott Lowden and crew journeyed to Aruba in June to shoot with Creative Director Eddie Snyder and Art Director Ellen Stone of Fitzgerald & Co for Aruba Tourism. Lowden was hired to go to the island for two weeks and capture exciting images for a photo library. The images will be used in print ads, brochures, and collateral for the Aruba Tourism Department’s new image campaign over the next few years.

Most of the production from casting to location scouting had to be done once the group was in Aruba, culminating in two weeks of fun. In customary SLP style, Lowden ended up getting Fitzgerald/Aruba Tourism more shots than expected and with very little stress!

Fitzgerald art buyer Paula Voorhies said, “The client is very happy, and we are ecstatic. Just yesterday, Eddie (Snyder) was gushing about how impressed he was with your (Lowden’s) eye and ability to move fluidly to capture such great pictures in camera. It was a great experience in an unknown and difficult shooting situation.”

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