Duck Shooting in GA: AFLAC Chooses Lowden

Everyone has seen the AFLAC Duck spring into action to help those who are hurt and can’t work. But who does AFLAC’s agency call when they need a photographer to swoop in and help with a huge shoot with no time to spare? Scott Lowden of course.

Erich Stephanovich, Art Director at The Zimmerman Agency, enlisted the services of Scott Lowden Photography to fast track the planning and production of an 8 day shoot involving over 40 talent as well as advertising’s most famous duck. With less than a week to produce the job, the entire crew at Scott Lowden Photography was put to the test and passed with flying colors.

“It was definitely hectic, but also a fun challenge,” explains Lowden. “Shooting an icon like the AFLAC Duck was a thrill, and everyone in Columbus was so accommodating that shooting on location was a real pleasure.”

The project called for over 50 images including studio shots of AFLAC’s feathery mascot and lifestyle images shot on location all around historic Columbus, GA where AFLAC is headquartered.

The images will appear in a variety of media including brochures, collateral and consumer ads.

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