Backstage Pass: Reynolds Strikes a Chord with Cracker Barrel

Double-platinum MCA recording artist Josh Turner chose Nashville’s historic Ryman Auditorium to record his first live CD. Karinne Caulkins, Senior Graphic Designer at The Buntin Group Nashville, chose Tamara Reynolds to capture images of the event to use on the CD packaging. Caulkins and Reynolds had worked together previously on a  project for the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.

“I chose Tamara because of her beautiful photos,” states Caulkins.  “I had worked with her years back and was amazed at how many great shots there were in one session. But the other part was how prepared she was. She had scoped out the place thoroughly, studied light, backgrounds, taken Polaroid’s, and had everything covered before we even walked in the door.”

Tamara captured numerous images during the performance and held a half-day shoot to make sure she had all the bases covered. The CD packaging features several photos of Turner as well as detail shots of the historic Grand Ole Opry auditorium.

“There were no layouts to follow and the only restriction was that Josh had to be shot in front of the Ryman,” explains Tamara. “They just turned me loose and let me do my thing. Karinne doesn’t micro manage me. She allows me to work with the subject and only interjects opinions or needs occasionally.”

The CD, “Josh Turner: Live At The Ryman”, is available exclusively at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store locations and online at Over the last three years, Cracker Barrel has released exclusive CDs featuring some of the biggest names in country music.

“This was a really fun shoot for me,” states Reynolds. “I had access to the entire auditorium, including backstage. The building has such great character, there was definitely no shortage of interesting shots.”

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