Giving Peace a Shot: Lowden Part of Elite Group Drafted by Peace Corps

The Peace Corps has a new print campaign consisting of 14 separate ads shot by 5 different photographers, including RepGirl’s own Scott Lowden. The campaign was created by BBDO Atlanta, and ads have been shipped to over 2,000 publications.
Peace Corps’ photographer, Jason Katz, shot many of the images, and BBDO brought in the four additional photographers. “We needed both luscious landscapes and intimate portraits,” explains Peace Corps Marketing Strategist, Linda Isaac. “The work of these photographers delivered the beauty and emotion we needed for the campaign, and their generosity in sharing their work with us helps share the message of the Peace Corps within our modest means.”

Among the images chosen for the campaign was a shot Lowden took while in Peru in January of 2006. Once his image was selected from numerous shots in consideration, Scott gladly donated it to the campaign.

“I’m thrilled that I was able to contribute to the Peace Corps in this way, they do such amazing work,” Lowden states. “Plus, the images in this campaign are beautiful, and it’s an honor to have one of my shots included.”

Bill Pauls, executive creative director, BBDO Atlanta, contacted several photographers and reviewed numerous images before making his final selection. Tamara Reynolds was one of the photographers whose images were in consideration. Atlanta photographer, Ryan Flynn, also contributed an image to the campaign after being recommended by RepGirl and Scott Lowden.

The campaign was designed to spark an emotional connection with people by visually demonstrating the experience. Isaac adds: “By using stunning photography from around the world, we provide a sense of place (showing where volunteers live) and cultural immersion (a deep personal connection derived by living among those you serve). Short of traveling to those places, photography is the only way to convey that.”

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