Bank of America Counts on Reynolds

Mike Krackenberger, Art Director at TPN, had a definite goal in mind concerning the photography for the agency’s new Hispanic checking campaign for Bank of America.

“Mike wanted to appeal to the Hispanic community without being clich or unreal. The subjects had to look real and approachable to help bridge the gap that exists in the Hispanic Culture with the American Culture,” explains photographer, Tamara Reynolds.

Tamara’s work certainly fit the bill, so she was selected to shoot images to illustrate 3 different layouts or 3 different age groups, backgrounds and genders. The shoot took place in Dallas, Texas and combined studio shots with images shot on location.

In addition to working with the models to capture genuine, natural poses, Tamara also had to be very aware of the colors in each shot. The client was interested in having a very colorful environment that wasn’t cluttered and wouldn’t clash with the Bank of America color identity or ad design.

“Mike loved my use of color, sense of lighting, and the way all of my subjects emerged from the background. There was a sense of space and environment without competing with the main subject. All contributed to the feeling of trust.”

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