Lights, Camera, Animation: Bagwell’s Stills Move TV Spot

Making a great cup of coffee is a lot easier than making a cup of coffee look great. Just ask Atlanta food photographer, Iain Bagwell, who recently accomplished the latter feat in an unusual project for  gourmet coffee company, Melitta.

Working with FKQ Advertising in Tampa, Bagwell shot a series of still images that were to be animated for a TV spot beginning to air on The Food Network this month.

“In addition to the usual challenges of food photography, this project had several unique parameters,” explains Bagwell. “The animator needed very specific things from each shot.”

The project called for six images to be shot on location in a home. Ricky Turner of The Screen Engine, lead animator for the TV spot, was also on set to help direct each shot. In addition to the TV usage, some images will also be utilized in print ads, outdoor, collateral/direct mail and the company’s website.

Dom Leciezio, Creative Director at FKQ, had this to say about working with Bagwell: “Iain rose to the challenge on this non-traditional project. He was shooting still images that needed to be cut out and layered for a TV spot. So, versus him running the show,  he had to take a collaborative approach with the lead animator. In short, Iain’s flexibility was truly refreshing and his images were spot on.”

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