Cleared for Take Off: Delta Flies with Lowden

We’ve all had to rush to catch a flight, but this time it was the airline that was in a hurry. Delta needed photos for collateral and advertising pieces promoting their “emergence” from bankruptcy, and time was of the essence. So Delta Creative Director, Jonathan Doss, contacted Scott Lowden.

“This was definitely a challenging project for us,” states Lowden. “And the fact that the job came in while we where in the middle of another challenging shoot for AFLAC certainly didn’t make it any easier.”

The job called for six specific shots in airport settings such as a check-in counter and Delta’s Crown Room. However, inherent difficulties in dealing with airport security meant that locations would have to be re-created and simulated elsewhere. That called for a lot of production work, and since Scott and his crew were in Columbus, GA working on the AFLAC shoot, he enlisted the services of Stir Productions. The folks at Stir took Scott’s direction and pulled everything together without a hitch.

Delta’s original plan called for building full sets in studio, but Scott had other ideas.

“I suggested finding existing off-airport locations that could be made to look like the desired settings with lighting and minor modifications,” Lowden explains. “At times, locations can be more inspiring than sets in studio and can enhance the authentic feel of each shot while also saving time and money.”
All shots had to match the look of previously shot new ads. This meant tight shots, airy, lots of light and suggestions of places but not full environments. As these images show, Scott easily made his connection.

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