Photographer Tries Out New Vacation Concept: Scott Lowden takes his show on the road. people view vacations as a chance to get away from their jobs. Atlanta based commercial photographer, Scott Lowden, had other ideas.

While planning a vacation to Brazil with his wife and friends, Scott opted to add a lifestyle shoot to the itinerary. So in addition to booking flights and hotel rooms, Scott contacted a production company in Rio de Janeiro to set up the shoot.

The two week trip in November included stops in Recif, Barra Grande, and Rio. While Brazil is known for its beaches and women, Scott chose to
focus on the city itself to update his portfolio with new urban images. Rio made a great backdrop with its South American charm, while the abundance of street vendors and odd people gave the images plenty of flavor.
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“We had a blast shooting in downtown, with mod 70’s skyscrapers right next to colonial structures from the 1600’s,” states Lowden. “Experiencing a new culture and doing something you really enjoy is what vacations are all about.”

Part of that culture included Mr. Louis, a retired fedarali hired by the production company to ensure the safety of the crew, models and equipment. Mr. Louis was in plain clothes, but kept his hand in an odd shaped shoulder bag all day.  “You don’t need to know what’s in here,” he said. Mr. Lowden and the rest of his party took his word for it!

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