Publix Images Ltd.: Grocer keeps Bagwell’s plate full.

Publix can’t seem to get enough of Iain Bagwell’s fresh food images. The Florida based grocery chain has asked Iain to shoot numerous images for a variety of media and collateral items in 2008.

“Publix is fantastic to work with because their jobs offer so much variety,” Bagwell states. “I really enjoy the opportunity to shoot so many different types of food, from steaks to sushi to cake and ice cream.”

Not only do the dishes differ from shoot to shoot, but so does the way each image will be used. Iain has shot sushi for the Publix website, numerous items for in-store displays, four different cover shots for the Publix Apron’s Cooking School seasonal calendars and several festive images that will appear on Publix gift cards. All work was commissioned through the Publix in-house marketing department in Lakeland, Florida.

“I really enjoyed working with Iain. He took what easily could have been a very stressful job and kept it calm and organized,” explains Publix Designer, David Brown. “He really worked hard to make sure I got what I needed, and his extra effort was the key to the success of this project.”

The next time you make an impulse buy at Publix, there’s a good chance Mr. Bagwell made you do it.

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