Dixie Chick: Tamara Reynolds serves up paper plate images.

Dixie Plates wanted some powerful photography to help promote the strength of their premium paper plates. So their agency, Eric Mower and Associates, wasted no time in bringing in Tamara Reynolds.

“Working with Tamara was really a pleasure. It’s great to work with someone who understands your vision but goes beyond what you are asking for,” states Art Director Walt Kuhn. “I would love to work with her again, no doubt about it.”

Tamara was hired for a two-day shoot to capture three lifestyle images for the print campaign. The shots feature different families gathering for meals on Dixie paper plates, and were shot on location in Atlanta.

As part of a simultaneous project, Tamara also shot images for three ads promoting Dixie’s napkins. After all, when you load up your plate with extra sauce, chances are you’re going to need extra napkins as well.

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