IAIN BAGWELL: Opposites Attract


https://i2.wp.com/www.repgirl.com/images/GoodNews/7.09/434_pear.jpgWhat does a Weight Watchers cookbook have in common with a book of ice cream recipes? Iain Bagwell images of course. Iain successfully pulled off two marathon shoots – supplying 40 images for Weight Watchers and 100 shots for the as-yet-untitled ice cream book. As a result, Iain’s popularity has reached new heights – at least among his crew and studio mates who thoroughly enjoyed the leftover ice cream. Iain also managed to sneak out of the studio long enough to shoot an editorial piece on Anne Quitrano’s new restaurant, Abbatoir, for Jezebel Magazine.


Other recent work: Kraft Foods, Publix, Womans Day, Sunset Magazine, Cooking Light.

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