Lowden: Keeping it Real in Boston.

When Atlanta ad agency House of Current concepted their recent ad campaign for client Natick Mall, the long standing premier retail destination for the Boston suburb of Natick, they knew they needed Scott Lowden Photography as a partner in the production.

Real people were to be the center of the ads. Because of Lowden’s attention to detail, ability to bring out the best in real folks, and produce complex projects involving lots of talent they knew he was the perfect fit for this particular project.

The agency relied on Scott Lowden’s expertise throughout the process. A Shopper Search was launched to find the right people amongst nearly 900 submissions. With the help of casting agency Talent Soup, Lowden guided his team through the involved casting to find the new faces of the Natick Collection.

A group of semi-finalists was asked to appear for a live casting in Boston led by Lowden. Scott interacted with each person and gauged how they reacted in a photo shoot environment. Approximately 100 participants were shot during the one day call back, and the shots from this live casting were used to make the final selections in the Shopper Search.

“Scott has a such a knack for relating to people and getting the best from everyone,” explains House of Current’s Lisa Maloof. “We knew if people weren’t comfortable posing for him, they just weren’t cut out for a photo shoot.”

Once the final selections were made, Scott Lowden Photography organized the multi-day shoot in Boston. Nearly 30 people were selected to appear in the campaign, representing a large range of demographics. A few were shot as individuals, but most posed in pairs or groups – which made Scott’s ability to direct talent all the more valuable.

“The whole point of using real people was to showcase their personality,” stated Maloof.

With that in mind, multiple sets were constructed, providing a variety of backgrounds, floor textures etc. to add more of a lifestyle feeling to the in-studio shoot. Lowden’s team sourced an eclectic selection of props, from a vintage bike to musical instruments. Scott used the props on set to loosen the people up so they could stop worrying about the camera.

“I loved the challenge of shooting people who don’t spend every day in front of the camera,” Scott explains. “The agency really left it up to me to find bits of their personality to capture, which made this one of the funnest shoots I’ve done in years.”

The new multimedia campaign launched in June and includes print ads, outdoor, direct mail, web and extensive in-mall signage.

“Thanks to Scott, the shoot was a smashing success and we now have a huge library of fantastic images,” Maloof happily explains. “My only complaint is that he might have made the whole process look too easy. Who knows what the client will expect us to pull off next?”

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