Lowden: Local Heroes by the Dozen

Scott Lowden recently had the opportunity to photograph representatives from twelve area organizations that are making a real difference in Atlanta.

“It was easily one of the most enjoyable and rewarding pro-bono projects I’ve ever done,” Scott says.

The photos will be used in a calendar for The Atlanta Resource Foundation, which is headed by Allen Bell. The ARF fosters relationships between charitable organizations and those with the resources to help. “God gives us incredible ability to connect people inside the city limits of Atlanta who are doing great things,” Allen says. “The ARF is simply a conduit that quietly connects people who want to help Atlanta.”

The 2012 ARF calendar will be used to raise awareness for Heritage Village, Inc., Juvenile Justice, Atlanta Mission, Wellspring, StreetGrace, Clifton Sanctuary Ministries, Kroc Center: Adult Literacy, CIS Westside Academy, Charis Community Housing, Odyssey III/Community Concerns, Inc. and City of Refuge Youth Outreach. The calendar, brainchild of local ad agency House of Current, highlights a different local charity each month.

The 2 day shoot was held in Scott Lowden’s midtown studio with a large chalk drawing of Atlanta serving as the backdrop. The backdrop was drawn by local artist, Kyle Brooks, and was customized for each month. After each shot was finished, Kyle would swoop in and change the drawing to reflect the changing seasons.

“We knew Scott Lowden was the perfect choice for shooting these portraits because he did such a great job shooting ‘real people’ for a campaign we did for Natick Mall in Boston. And because he is a long time in-town Atlanta resident himself,” explains HOC President, Lisa Maloof.

Scott, and everyone who donated their time and talents, was honored to work with an Atlanta group that makes a difference for so many people on a daily basis. Lowden added, “My favorite part of this shoot is meeting the incredible people who are focused on the day to day work of helping people change their lives. It was an honor to give back to the community that I’ve called home for so many years.”

Allen Bell adds, “These shots will help to celebrate folks that are doing amazing thing. These people are loving the hardest part of the city to love.“

If you’d like to see the whole process please check out this cool video:

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