REYNOLDS: Critical Mass

Congratualtions Tamara Reynolds!

Tamara is a finalist in Critical Mass 2012. The select group of 200 was chosen from 700 submissions and will move on to be judged by over 200 jurors made up of esteemed international photography professionals (gallery owners, curators, publishers, editors, etc.). A preview of her 10 image portfolio submission is below. Critical Mass and Photolucida’s mission is to “provide participants with career-building opportunities and to promote the best emerging and mid-career artists working today.” ~ Photolucida

Artist’s Statement:

Southern Route

There are chasms that run like broad veins through the South, dividing black from white, rich from poor and neighbor from neighbor in a region riven by extremes of wealth and poverty, religion and a centuries-old class system. As Southerners, we are the bearers of a cultural isolation that often announces itself with both self-righteous pride and an abiding embrace of the past – a past heavy with slavery, the war we savagely fought and lost and decades of segregation so brutally enforced that it took a United States president to legislatively end it, in 1964, pushing past a Dixiecrat filibuster.

The chasms also mark our borders as a singular place; at times we are a national joke describing rednecks and imbecility – or we are celebrated for our rich literature and art.

As a native Southerner (born in Tennessee, 1960) my journey as a photographer has taken me many times into these chasms where I must struggle to illustrate the beauty, the restrained dignity of “the South” and its people — alongside and within – what is difficult to see: the gated macMansions that owe more to Tara than neoclassicism, the single-wide perched on its cinder block foundation beneath a big Confederate flag, run up the flagpole for everyone to see, a solitary emblem of a fierce pride. ~ Tamara Reynolds

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