Tamara Reynolds Selected for American Photography 29!

Tamara Reynolds was selected for American Photography 29!

The AI-AP jury is made up exclusively of top creative professionals who assign and utilize photography and illustration, including art directors, designers, photo editors, art buyers, curators, editors and publishers. Regarded by creative professionals as the “books of record” and best sources for today’s top image-makers, American Illustration and American Photography are the premier showcases for editorial, advertising, book, poster, design, animation, fine art, unpublished and student work created by established, emerging and student illustrators and photographers. (take from AI-AP website.)

Reynolds’ image was selected among thousands of entrants to be one of the 299 which will be printed in the hardcover book to be distributed worldwide in November 2013, as well as permanently in the online archive. Tamara Reynolds winning image.

The winning image is part of Reynolds ongoing personal series “The Southern Route”. This series has already received critical acclaim earlier this year as seen in this previous post.

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