REYNOLDS: Southern Route Round Up

Southern Route:

Tamara Reynolds deeply personal series about the American South

Like kudzu, things may appear different from above than what lies beneath. While questioning my appreciation of the South, I found the beauty that is within. And through compassion I have come to accept.  ~ Tamara Reynolds

Advertising and editorial photographer Tamara Reynolds has spent the last couple of years exploring the her roots all over the South in an ongoing personal fine art series.  She takes a look at her Southern roots by traveling and documenting the South and it’s people in an attempt to reconcile her love and shame of her home. Please click here for the Artist’s statement and here for the entire body of the work.

To date the series has received top honors in American Photography 29 and Critical Mass as well as multiple posts and articles in online southern and photographic publications such as The Oxford American, Oneonethousand,  Lenscratch, The Daily Mail, and Light Leaked. Light Leaked’s interview is a great read to gain further understanding into the mind of a truly talented artist and what drives her to create.

When The Daily Mail ( based out of the UK, picked up the series it opened up Reynolds’ work to a much larger audience and generated quite a lot of strong public convictions in the comments section. As Tamara commented on her own blog about it, “Only one or two people really saw the images. Most have jumped to the same old conclusions.”


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