ADAMS: SternoCandleLamp

Lisa Adams shoots for SternoCandleLamp

The newly merged brand SternoCandleLamp’s latest food service industry catalogue has just been published. Bolt Group’s creative director Jamey Boiter hired Lisa Adams to shoot this multifaceted project which encompassed studio and location shots over a week’s time.

“The shots turned out great – I feel like each one reveals lamp detail, while overall communicating a restaurant vibe and ambience….The shot of the 221 Honeycomb Pub Lamp is the best shot I have ever seen on that lamp…anyway, your photography looks fantastic!!!! ” ~Mike Pacharis, VP of Marketing at CL

2 thoughts on “ADAMS: SternoCandleLamp

  1. lisa, it was a great shoot. every shoot we’ve ever done together has been magic! thanks for helping me achieve our vision for the client. xx, jamey

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