the good news!

Issue #21 / April 2014

Call on us when you want a photographer who goes the extra mile, exceeds expectations
and makes you look like a hero to your clients!

Lisa Adams
Publix Spring Banners

Out of the dreary winter this year was born some lovely Publix Spring banners full of fun Easter colors, cupcakes, eggs and oranges. Lisa Adams shot these images early this year in her Charlotte studio and they can now be seen hanging high above the aisles in your favorite Publix store.

CLIENT – Publix Super Market
AD – Karina Cortez

© Lisa Adams Photography 

Scott Lowden
Miller Zell’s celebrates it’s 50th Anniversary Mad Men style

© Scott Lowden Photography

CLIENT: Miller Zell
SVP Design: Horace Hume

To celebrate their 50th anniversary Miller Zell, a retail and design strategy company, tapped Scott Lowden to accomplish shooting several ads Mad Men style of the their execs and creatives. The ads highlight the family company’s longevity, family values and work ethic while having some fun with the 1960’s era during which they were founded.

Tamara Reynolds
Resin and Westminster Canterbury of the Blue Ridge

© Tamara Reynolds Photography


CD: Paschal Sabatella

Tamara Reynolds shot a series of ads with Resin Global for their client Wesminster Cantebury of the Blue Ridge, a high end retirement community in Virginia. Resin hired Reynolds for her ability to pull authenticity from her real people subjects on set. A series of 7 ads for the community were produced.


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