REYNOLDS: The New York Times Lens Blog

The New York Times Lens Blog is running a selection of imagery with captions of Tamara Reynolds’ Southern Route series today.

Tanner Curtis, Photo Editor of The New York Times, and Reynolds’ met this past September while Reynolds’ was visiting the Big Apple. Curtis was intrigued by the work so much that he pitched the series to the folks at Lens.   Tamara could not be happier than to have a little of her South brought to The New York Times.

As highlighted many times on this blog, the Southern Route is Reynolds’ deeply personal series that she has been working on for the past 3 yrs during her travels around the South. SR has received much recognition over the past few years from online magazines, blogs and awards within the photo and advertising industries and beyond. Being recognized this year with a Communication Arts award and now on the NYT Lens blog is certainly a satisfying culmination for Reynolds’ hard work and vision.

Be sure to click on the slide show on Lens Blog to see a new and broader selection of images from the series than we have previously posted.

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