Happy Clients make us happy!

“Tamara Reynolds is truly an exciting talent, a consummate professional who brings amazing energy, creativity, unique enthusiasm & problem solving to each project. Tamara’s exceptional gifts with people allow their genuine character to come through. The best expressions of honest emotions and human interaction can only really happen with trust and the ensuing vulnerability – Tamara is a master of that moment.” ~ Bill Black, Director of Photography Reader’s Digest

“I hired Scott because of his compelling, artful photographs. What I did not expect was that Scott would bring with him one of the most technically proficient crews I’ve ever worked with. Scott and his team are not only professionals, but also a whole lot of fun. I can’t wait for our next project.” ~ Mike Wilkie, CD Ypartnership

“Even with a challenging budget and only one day to shoot, Tamara not only had the production organized like clockwork but got our real employee “models” to come to life in front of the camera (as if they were real models). I knew from the first shot that I could just sit back and relax, something I hardly ever do on a shoot. I was hoping for 5 good shots and we ended up with 9 great shots (we even added an assistant to the model roster on the fly).” ~ Dean Stefanides, CD Cramer-Krasselt

“Unbelievable work. This project would not have been possible without your skills and attention to details. We gave you less than a week and a fraction of the budget and you’ve given us a springboard for some great creative.” ~ Jonas Amoss, AB Fitzgerald + Co.

“I had a great time and really love the final shots.” ~ Aaron Hartman, ACD Ames Scullin O’Hare

“Primrose has found a great partner in Scott Lowden. Our agency brought his book to us and we were blown away by his talent. Working with his team has been effortless and they do a nice job handling preschool age children during long shoots… which is not easy!! We look forward to working with him in the future.” ~ Keri Stoltz, Director of Marketing for Primrose Schools

“Working with Tamara was really a pleasure. It’s great to work with someone who understands your vision but goes beyond what you are asking for.” ~ Walt Kuhn, AD Eric Mower and Associates

“Tamara’s shear energy while on the job displays her passion for her work and it shines through in everything she does. Every moment is captured and preserved in a wonderful beauty that made our project a great success visually.” ~ Jeremy Dickens, GD Matlock Advertising

“Scott has such a great touch with non-professional talent. He puts the subjects at ease and the results are spectacular. He seems to effortlessly capture the subject’s personality.” ~ Emily Barrow, MAB The Zimmerman Agency

“I chose Tamara because of her beautiful photos.!I had worked with her years back and was amazed at how many great shots there were in one session. But the other part was how prepared she was. She had scoped out the place thoroughly, studied light, backgrounds, and had everything covered before we even walked in the door.” ~ Karrine Caulkins, SGD The Buntin Group

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