Publix Displays of Affection: Tamara Reynolds and Iain Bagwell get fresh.

RG logoTamara Reynolds and Iain Bagwell recently teamed up for a series of ads for Publix supermarkets by Matlock Advertising and Public Relations. Tamara captured warm, welcoming lifestyle images of people while Iain made sure the food close ups looked irresistible. Needless to say, the client loved the results.

“Tamara’s shear energy while on the job displays her passion for her work and it shines through in everything she does,” states Jeremy Dickens, Graphic Designer. “Every moment is captured and preserved in a wonderful beauty that made our project a great success visually.”

Mr. Dickens was equally impressed with Iain’s work on this project. “Cool and in control, Iain nails down each shot with the greatest of ease, at least that is what he makes it look like,” explains Dickens. “Whether he is scooping melting ice-cream or rebuilding decadent desserts, Iain is always after the perfect shot.”

Matlock Advertising and Public Relations, which specializes in multicultural marketing, also produced a series of ads for Publix celebrating Black History Month. Tamara was tabbed to shoot those images as well.

RG logo“These ads were all about capturing real people showing genuine emotions, “states Kirstin Popper, Vice President, Production & Traffic Services. “We know we can always count on Tamara to do just that.”

All ads were shot on location with various models ranging from kids to seniors.

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